Oct. 27, 2022

FORTY FORT - Following up on last week’s news that digital mental health services are coming to school districts across Pennsylvania, state Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne) today announced that Kooth, one of the world’s leading digital mental health platforms based in London, will be locating its U.S. headquarters in the borough of Forty Fort.

“The services and resources that Kooth will provide to our students are crucial to addressing the mental health crisis that we are seeing across the country,” Kaufer said. “I’m pleased that, in addition to their services, Kooth has decided that Forty Fort will be the home of its U.S. operations and will be offering employment opportunities in our community.”

Joining Kaufer for today’s announcement were Kooth CEO Tim Barker, school district superintendents and local officials. 

“There are not enough health professionals in the country to deal with the level of demand that there is. Every year, one in six kids has a need for mental health support, but only 20% get that help,” said Barker. “We, as an organization, have been working on the problem for two decades. We’re bringing in a proven model and staffing with local experts to support your kids. The way that we’re doing it is to work in close partnership with school districts so we can support your teachers and your mental health professionals.”

“I want to thank Rep. Kaufer for providing the impetus for this very much needed resource for our students,” said David Tosh, Wyoming Valley West School District superintendent. “With the closing or the uncertainty of First Hospital here in Kingston, we need to provide more mental health services for our children, rather than less.”

“As superintendent, I am very excited for Wyoming Area, as we are going to be able to partner with Kooth to provide our students with this vital access to mental health services,” added Jon Pollard, Wyoming Area School District superintendent. “The access outside of school hours and the portability of the Kooth program make it an outstanding opportunity for our students and community as well. I want to give a big thank you to Rep. Kaufer for keeping mental health services in the forefront.” 

Kooth’s team will be comprised of up to 20 staff members to include counselors, technology experts, community engagement specialists and business development personnel. The office, which will be located in Suite 400 of the Cross Valley West Professional Building at 150 Welles St. in Forty Fort, is scheduled to open in late November. Information concerning the timing for job applications will be forthcoming.

To view or download a broadcast-quality video of the press conference, watch here.

To download broadcast-quality b-roll of the building where Kooth will be located, watch here.

For more information, contact Kaufer’s district office in Luzerne, located at 161 Main St., by calling 570-283-1001. Information can also be found online at RepKaufer.com or Facebook.com/RepKaufer.

Representative Aaron Kaufer
120th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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