Aug. 04, 2022

LUZERNE – In response to the announcement that First Hospital is ending its inpatient and outpatient services, state Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne) today issued the following statement: 

“I am very concerned about the impact this will have on the patients in this community. At a time when mental health issues and services are at the forefront of many conversations, this is devastating news for anyone who is currently in treatment and for those seeking services.
“Mental health was a major part of this year’s budget discussions, and we are investing $200 million in both school and public mental health issues. I remain committed to ensuring the mental health needs of our community will be met. I have already reached out to speak with state and community partners so see what can be done to make sure there is no lapse in services provided and to ensure that jobs will not be lost.”

Representative Aaron Kaufer
120th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives /