Honoring Field Hockey State Champs On House Floor

State Rep. Aaron Kaufer recognizes his alma matter and the Wyoming Valley West Field Hockey team for winning this year's state Championship.

Kaufer Pro-Jobs and Manufacturing Investment Legislation Passed By House

Continuing to encourage manufacturing facilities to invest in the Commonwealth, Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne) announced that his Energy and Fertilizer Manufacturing Tax Credit legislation, House Bill 1100, was passed by the House with a vote of 139-46.

Rep. Kaufer Comments During Energize PA Press Conference

Rep. Aaron Kaufer stands with his colleagues as they held a press conference advocating for the House-led Energize PA initiative. This initiative is centered on redeveloping Pennsylvania’s infrastructure while also promoting employment and economic growth.

Kaufer On Political Parties

On June 27, 2019, during House debate over voting machines, State Rep. Aaron Kaufer comments about a looming issue with regard to voting machines across the state.

Kaufer Pushing Initiative That Will Benefit the Commonwealth

Rep. Aaron Kaufer comments about the importance of the House’s Energize PA legislative package, a set of bills which would make affordable natural gas equally available for manufacturers and residents of the Commonwealth.

Kaufer Discusses Efforts to Rebuild Northeastern Pennsylvania’s Economy

Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne) discusses his House Bill 1100 to attract large-scale manufacturing to northeastern Pennsylvania.

Rebuilding Northern PA Economy

Rep. Aaron Kaufer (R-Luzerne) attends a press conference to promote large-scale manufacturing to northeastern Pennsylvania. This initiative would boost the regional economy and be a benefit for residents for decades to come.

Kaufer Podium Remarks For Energize PA

Aaron Kaufer speaks at a press conference to introduce the Energize PA package which aims to help create, grow and sustain jobs in the Commonwealth without imposing new fees or taxes on Pennsylvania taxpayers.

Rep. Kaufer Gives House Prayer

Pa State Rep. Aaron Kaufer issues the April 10th, 2019 prayer to open the House session.

Solar Energy in PA Press Conference

Reps. Kaufer, Millard. Schweyer and Bullock on Community Solar Legislation to help homeowners and community businesses get on the grid; they are unveiling legislation to allow for community solar projects in Pennsylvania.